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Flora Gardens Primary School, Dalling Road, Hammersmith, W6 0UD



The way in which our pupils present themselves is very important and we need to work together to ensure our pupils adhere to the dress code and always look smart. We recognise there are sometimes genuine financial circumstances that can get in the way of the perfect pupil attire, so please do contact the Head if you feel you need support in this area.

You can order uniform from our new supplier, My Clothing – myclothing.com

You will need to enter the school name or post code in the box, W6 0UD, in order to access our uniform details. You then continue like any other online shopping site, add items to your basket and checkout. The laptop in the office is also available for you to use. 

You will see that PE T-Shirts are available in House colours for the school and we would very much like every child from Reception through to Year 6 to have the appropriate PE top ready for sports day in July.

– Bottle-green cardigan or V-neck, pullover with School Logo
– Yellow polo shirt with School logo
– Black skirt or pinafore dress
– Black trousers
– Black or white socks or tights
– Black low-heeled shoes
– Green, white or black Hijab, if worn (these are readily available at Shepherd’s Bush Market)
– Summer dresses should be yellow or green and worn with white socks.
– Bottle-green Cardigan or V-neck Pullover with School Logo
– Yellow polo shirt with school logo
– Black trousers or shorts in the summer
– Black or white socks
– Black shoes
– Book bag with school logo
–  P.E. t-shirt in House colour with school logo (please ask the office if your child is unsure of their House)
– Green P.E. shorts/tracksuit bottoms/leggings – available to buy from many supermarkets, online shops including Amazon and many sports shops including Sports Direct.
– Green gym bag with school logo
– Black plimsolls/non-branded trainers

Please note
– No denim

– No hoodies
– No jewellery, only small ear studs
– Shoes must have covered toes and heels
– No trainers
– No white shirts/ polo shirts
– No nail polish