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Mathematics teaching at Flora Gardens Primary School adheres to the EYFS Curriculum for Nursery and Reception; and the National Curriculum in England for Years 1 to 6 which consists of three key strands (fluency, mathematical reasoning and problem solving).  A mastery approach has been adopted, whereby topics in Maths are taught to greater depth in order to achieve greater knowledge, skills and understanding in the subject.

Mathematics teaching is based in visual, auditory and kinaesthetic approaches and wherever possible links are made to real-life or life-like contexts.  Our teaching aims to start pupils off with purposeful and concrete opportunities to use mathematics.  These concrete opportunities develop into pictorial and abstract opportunities as the pupils’s mathematical understanding develops.  Reasoning and problem solving activities are regularly used to enhance learning and ensure that all pupils are challenged and able to make progress.  Underpinning our Mathematics teaching is our Calculation Policy (available here).

We aim to provide opportunities for pupils to use and develop their mathematics skills across the broader curriculum, as well as providing opportunities for pupils to use and apply their mathematical skills in a meaningful context.  Where appropriate, links to other subjects are made and these links are outlined in our Curriculum Overviews.  There are also cross-curricular subject weeks each year, e.g. Maths/Art week (2016) and Maths/Science week (2017).  Enrichment opportunities, such as workshops, trips or guest speakers are booked frequently so that pupils can deepen their understanding and apply their mathematical understanding and skills to real world contexts.


Mrs Sultan's Blog

March 2020

In the Autumn term a new interactive Maths display was launched for all children to access and challenge themselves by attempting weekly Maths challenges. Interactive displays are a great way to keep pupils’ minds focused on Maths as well as a place to support current and future learning in Maths. 

From a recent pupil voice survey, it was noticed that pupils at Flora Gardens love being given a challenge where they can apply the skills learnt in a lesson to reasoning and problem-solving questions.  

How does the interactive display work? 

The interactive display has been split into two parts which are ‘Number of the day’ and ‘Challenge of the week’. The number of the day consists of a number being displayed in numericals for children to then represent in different ways such as in number forms and by using counters. 

The second part of the display involves children answering the challenge card question and writing their answers on a piece of paper and then handing them in. At the end of every week a winner is selected and is awarded house-points! 

Here are our winners this term...... 

Dimitri and Frankie – Year 5 

Teniesha and Jacob – Year 4 

Ioana and Sa’ad - Year 3