Payments to School


At Flora Gardens we have a simple online payment system to help parents pay for school lunches, sign up to clubs and pay for trips.

Mrs Hobman in the school office is always happy to help should you have any problems logging in.

A variety of trips are offered to our pupils and if these occur during the school day, parents will be asked for a voluntary minimum contribution to cover the cost. Without these voluntary contributions, financial restrictions in our budget will reduce the opportunities for our pupils. If you feel you have financial hardships and need support, please discuss this with the Head. School trips that are out of school hours are optional and again, where there are situations of financial hardship, the School will aim to support pupils where ever possible.

The link below will take you to the secure login page:

Need some help logging in or signing up for the first time?

Please follow this useful linkĀ Useful Parent Info to Cashless Payments