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Remote Learning

Just below this you will find the remote learning pack for all classes.

These are all accessed through their USO:


 Pupils will need to click on the green button – Easy Login – where they will be asked to enter their username, which all pupils have been given. The PIN code is the first four digits of their date of birth, 1203, if their birthday was 12th March. Once they have clicked on log in it will take them to their home page where they will see the tasks set by their class teachers. This will be updated on a regular basis so there should always be adequate work for the children to complete.

The children should all have their usernames and passwords, but if anyone does forget it then please email office@fgschool.uk and we'll get that sent to you. 

Busy Things is where you will find the English and Maths tasks that will be set daily by class teachers - this is also accessed through My USO. 

The children were all given a paper pack for English and Maths which is to be completed alongside their online activities. 

The following usernames/passwords and web links are for companies that are now offering free subscriptions:



Offering free streaming of all their childrens’ books





Classroom Secrets


Espresso - accessed through My USO

Log in at:





Once you are logged in to My USO and you are on the resource viewing page, you will need to click on the button circled below to set the view to 'list' in order to see instructions set for each task by class teachers.

 Remote Learning For All Classes - PDF Version.pdfDownload
 Remote Learning For All Classes - Word Version.docxDownload
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 Chelsea Football Club Foundation - Extra Time Learning Pack - Mateo Monday.pdfDownload
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Music Resources


EYFS/KS1 Music

https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/bring-the-noise/andys-raps-index/z6tjcqt -

BBC Bring the Noise - Animal songs.



A wealth of songs and other music related resources.



Explore the different elements that make up a song, play or clap along with the music and make then listen back to your own version of songs


KS2 Music

https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/ten-pieces - Get creative with classical music!

BBC Ten Pieces helps children to open up to the world of classical music.


https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/bring-the-noise/make-a-jam/zfcd8xs - How to write a song with your children.

https://classplash.de/en/ - Dive in the world of music where you can learn everything about music theory, how to play tunes of billboard’s hot 100 on the soprano recorder and other wonderful things related with music - KS1 and KS2.

www.artusi.xyz - Artusi is a suite of digital workbooks to help students learn the fundamental skills of music theory faster, better, and more accurately than before so they can spend more time pursuing the creative mission of music making and music study.

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