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STEM Day 2021

Well we have had the most exciting end to our half term here at school this week! On Thursday we had a special event called STEM Day and the entire school took part, from Nursery up to Year 6.

So what is STEM and why is it important to us and our lives? STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. These are subjects which we all know and are taught across Primary and Secondary schools across the world. But why are they so essential?

Think about what you did to get to school this morning – you woke up (probably used a phone alarm), you turned on a light or a kettle or toaster (using electricity), you walked/cycled/drove or got public transport to school – all of these actions would not be possible without an individual at some point in the past working in a STEM job to make these happen. In simple terms, our lives would not be possible the way we know them without STEM.

However, as much as STEM has had more focus in recent years and extra funding from the Government etc, the statistics are still worrying. Only 27% of all STEM jobs were held by women in 2020. Why is it that girls are not encouraged to become engineers, programmers or architects? I was so pleased when one of last year’s Year 6 pupils dropped by at the school gate the other day and told me that her favourite job in Secondary school was Engineering! We should be promoting all of our children, girls and boys, to careers in STEM if this is what they are interested in.

So on Thursday, we had a special day off the normal school timetable and all turned our hands to becoming STEM professionals for the day. And wow what a fun day it was! The children all loved the activities and enjoyed turning their hands to being coders, architects, developers, programmers, logical thinkers – the list goes on!

We had micro-bits being programmed, mini cars being controlled using a computer (no remote in sight!), architectural building online, algorithms being deciphered and used to create pictures – your children were experts at it all!

My favourite moment of the entire day was when I was shown a video of a group of Year 6 children who had seen a picture of how to programme a micro-bit to play a game. They didn’t watch a tutorial or have step by step instructions, they just saw a single picture. This group of Year 6’s displayed amazing perseverance and our school values, and taught themselves how to code this game and they ended up playing rock, paper, scissors on their micro-bits! Even we, as teachers, still have no clue how they achieved this!

Imagine if in 10-15 years from now, one of our Flora Gardens pupils will be the one to enable space travel to Mars or create the next invention that benefits our lives for good?

So I leave you with this final thought from arguably the most famous STEM individual of our time, Stephen Hawking,

“Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet” – dream big Flora Gardens and thank you for an amazing STEM Day!