At Flora Gardens we want to develop and explore our pupil’s scientific minds. We take an imaginative, diverse, cross-curricular approach.

Four main areas of Science are explored: Scientific Enquiry, Life Processes and Living Things, Materials and their Properties, and Physical Processes. Activities range from discovering how to make a simple circuit to comparing filtration, melting, dissolving and evaporation. At all levels, the pupils receive focused, exciting and creative scientific experiences that help them progress to further investigations.

Throughout our pupil’s scientific journey at Flora Gardens, great emphasis is placed upon investigative skill. At all stages, pupils are expected to enhance this vital expertise,  developing the abilities to predict, to carry out a fair test, to communicate their results (often through good mathematics and data-handling), to compare living and non-living samples, to suggest ways to solve a problem, to explain, to draw conclusions and to build their scientific vocabulary. This essential learning is enhanced by the wide range of science resources available to our pupils, who are taught in a safe environment how to use them independently and accurately.

We feel it is paramount that our pupils are exposed to, and learn about, the scientific discoveries of the past as well as the current state and potential future breakthroughs.