A new national curriculum for primary schools was implemented nationally in all schools from September 2015.  The national curriculum provides pupils with an introduction to essential knowledge in order to enable them to grow into educated citizens.  There is statutory content for each key stage, alongside some flexibility for schools to decide which topics to cover.

At Flora Gardens, we have combined the content of the primary curriculum into a topic-based approach for each year level.  This ensures that all content is adequately covered for depth while also ensuring that pupils are engaged, immersed in a theme and making links in their learning across subjects.  Underlying all topics are the four fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, respecting others and individual liberty.

Engaging and consolidating events, such as school trips are linked to the topics being studied to further deepen the children’s understanding of each topic.  Topic-based trips have included:

* Year 1’s trip to Fulham Palace Toy Exhibition as part of the Toys and Games topic.
*  Year 2’s visit to St Paul’s Cathedral as part of the ‘Fire! Fire!’ topic.
*  Year 3’s trip to the British Museum to look at Stone Age and Iron Age artefacts.
*  Year 4’s trip to Barnes Wetland Centre to look at a water habitat.
* Year 5 and 6 trip to Sky Studios

Culminating events have also been introduced as an additional opportunity for children to share their learning with parents and to communicate with a purpose e.g. having an audience.  Some such events from this half term have included a Harvest Picnic for the ‘Town and Country’ topic in Year 1, a debate about conserving Water in Year 4 as part of the ‘Water For Life’ topic and a ‘Show and Share’ of learning for Year 3’s topic ‘Stone Age to Iron Age’.

For information on each year group click HERE or please see your child’s class teacher. You can also arrange an appointment to see Miss Graham, Deputy Head for Teaching and Learning.